Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Enacts 20% Drought Curtailment

20% Drought stage HTGCD horizontal

Local trigger conditions of the Blanco River and the Pedernales River have fallen back into the Alarm Stage drought condition. Regional drought trigger of the Palmer Drought Index Services has shown Moderate and Severe Drought conditions for the District.

HTGCD has now declared drought stage alarm with an effective date of May 5, 2022. All active permit holders received a drought stage notification on May 2, 2022 to begin reducing production by the effective date.

Drought status of Alarm Stage for all “Non-Exempt Permit Holders” is a mandatory and enforceable curtailment of pumping production permits. Failure to do so will be a direct violation of permit terms and District Rules. Permit Holders are to refer to the District’s Drought Contingency Plan and the Drought Production Cutback Chart for each individual permit holder’s reduction amount; drought status of Alarm Stage for all “Exempt” well owners is a request by the Board of Directors to reduce groundwater use by 20%.

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