Welcome to the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD)

Our mission is to conserve, preserve, recharge and prevent waste of groundwater within western Hays County. In support of the District’s mission we gather data, develop geologic and aquifer science, provide information, and manage non-exempt commercial water use.

Click on the menu above for information on the major water resource topics such as ConservationDrought Management, and Springflow.

If you are planning to drill a well on a property within the District (Click for map), please go to the Forms page for the necessary forms that need to be completed prior to drilling.

Please read our May Aquifer Health Assessment. The monthly assessment utilizes water level data from the District’s well monitoring network to present current water level conditions in the Trinity Aquifer. Also included is a timestep of aquifer conditions from the past year.

Drought Stage
Stage Start Date: August 2022
Drought Stage
Jacob's Well Management Zone
Stage Start Date: April 2022

Population served by Hays Trinity GCD

2001: 24,187; 2010: 36,519; 2020: 53,121