HTGCD Rules, Effective April 1, 2021.
HTGCD Drought Contingency Plan, Updated August 25, 2020.

Management Plan

2021 Approved Groundwater Management Plan, December 3, 2020 (PDF)
2016 Approved Groundwater Management Plan, February 19, 2016 (PDF)
2011 Approved Groundwater Management Plan, March 28, 2011. (PDF)
2005 Approved Groundwater Management Plan, Aug. 4, 2005. (PDF)

Annual Report

HTGCD 2020 Annual Report and Appendix, May 16, 2021
HTGCD 2019 Annual Report, April 16, 2020.
HTGCD 2018 Annual Report, Feb. 20, 2019.
HTGCD 2017 Annual Report, Feb. 21, 2018.
HTGCD 2016 Annual Report, Feb. 15, 2017.
HTGCD 2015 Annual Report, Feb. 18, 2016.
HTGCD 2014 Annual Report, Feb. 26, 2015.
HTGCD 2013 Annual Report, Feb. 14, 2014.
HTGCD 2012 Annual Report, Feb. 20, 2013.
HTGCD 2011 Annual Report, Feb. 8, 2012.
HTGCD 2010 Annual Report, Dec. 16, 2010.

Enabling Documents

Texas 77th Legislative Session (2001) Senate Bill 2 forming Hays Trinity Conservation District. (Hays Trinity Conservation District information starts on line 98-7.)

Responsibilities of Groundwater Districts presentation given at the June 9, 2005 HTGCD meeting by the Texas Water Development Board (PowerPoint, 2.6mb)

Special District Local Laws Code – Chapter 8843, Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, Subchapter A. General Provisions – Effective on September 01, 2013

Texas Water Code – Chapter 36


HTGCD’s Bylaws, June 15, 2016


Ethics Policy, May, 2004
Investment Policy, February, 2008
Management Information Policy, November 18, 2013
Professional Services Policy, November 18, 2013
Purchasing Policy, November 18, 2013
Travel Policy, November 18, 2013


Approved Budget (2021), November 05, 2020. (PDF)
Approved Budget (2020), December 30, 2019. (PDF)
Approved Budget (2019), September 25, 2019. (PDF)
Approved Budgets (2011-2018), October 17, 2018. (PDF)

MAG – Managed Available Groundwater

Groundwater Availability Model , Draft Version 2, February 2011 (PDF)

Regional Planning

Groundwater Management Area 9 (GMA-9)

Presentation for the Desired Future Condition Process for Groundwater Management Area 9 – Trinity Aquifer

Region K Water Planning Group (Lower Colorado River Basin including, Pedernales River, Barton, Onion, and Bear Creeks)

Region L Water Planning Group (Blanco River Basin including Cypress Creek, the Blanco River, and the Little Blanco River)

2022 State Water Plan


Support of Regional Water Quality Plan  Adopted May 5, 2005.
Memorandum of Understanding with TDLR & TCEQ – Abandoned Wells  Adopted May 26, 2005.
Al Broun Named District Geologist  Adopted May 26, 2005.
Adopt District Managment Plan  Adopted August 4, 2005.
Drought in HTGCD  Adopted January 23, 2006.
General Manager Attesting Authority  Adopted February 16, 2006.
Call for Hays County Water Conservation  Adopted June 27, 2006.
Support of Ground/Surfacewater importation into District  Adopted October 13, 2006.
Support of Jacob’s Well Natural Area  Adopted February 8, 2007.
Participate in TCEQ decision process regarding AquaTexas Wastewater Discharge  Adopted October 18, 2007.
Support with Hays County for TWDB Wastewater Regional Planning Grant  Adopted November 20, 2007.
Establish Permit Processing  Adopted April 24, 2008.  (Replaced by “Processing NonExempt Permits”   12/15/2011)
Designation of Desired Future Conditions For GMA 9 Aquifers  Adopted July 26, 2010.
Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area Position  Adopted September 16, 2010.
Wimberley Water Supply Corp Permit  Adopted February 21, 2011.
Groundwater Vested Ownership  Adopted March 15, 2011.
Adopt 2010 Groundwater Management Plan  Adopted March 28, 2011.
Agree to Modify Boundaries of GMA 9  Adopted July 21, 2011.
Adopt Criteria for Use in 2011 Redistricting Process  Adopted August 8, 2011.
Join State of Texas Co-op Program  Adopted September 8, 2011.
Remove HTGCD from GMA 10  Adopted September 19, 2011.
GMA 9 Accepting HTGCD Territory Redesignation  Adopted October 3, 2011.
HTGCD Election Dates Change  Adopted October 20, 2011.
Processing NonExempt Permits or Increases during Drought  Adopted December 15, 2011. (Rescinded 12/19/2012)
Recovering Attorney Fees  Adopted October 17, 2012.
New Well Construction and Water Connection Fees  Adopted August 21, 2013.
New Operating Permit Renewal Fees  Adopted November 18, 2013.
Interlocal Agreement  Adopted June 25, 2014.
Support the City of Dripping Springs Wastewater System  Adopted October 15, 2014.
Interlocal Agreement with GMA9   Adopted January 21, 2015.
Support of CCWPP  Adopted January 21, 2015.
Adopting the 2016 Management Plan  Adopted January 21, 2016.
Delaying TCEQ Permit to the City of DS  Adopted July 7, 2016.
Production Fee Funding Request  Adopted January 18, 2017.
Adoption DFC in accordance with GMA9  Adopted February 15, 2017.
Resolution concerning SB1814 and HB4122  Adopted March 22, 2017.
Resolution concerning HB3677  Adopted March 22, 2017.
Resolution concerning Kinder Morgan Pipeline  Adopted March 27, 2019.
Resolution concerning Interlocal Agreement with GMA9  Adopted June 19, 2019.
Resolution Changing the Day of Regular Board Meetings  Adopted December 17, 2019.
Resolution Suspending Rule 15 Enforcement  Adopted February 4, 2021.
Opposition to Sawyer-Cleveland Partnership, Ltd. Draft Effluent Discharge Permit  Adopted April 1, 2021.
2022 Resolution Adopting Criteria for Redistricting, Adopted February 7, 2022.


Order # Description Date Signed
2003-12003-1 ORDER(AGREED)Rooster Springs LP-Key Ranch Golf109/18/03
6ORDER08-0029 – Aqua Utilities04/25/08
100Order of Election (2004)03/06/04
101District Bylaws01/22/04
102District Rules Amendment – Rules 1-1103/29/04
103District Ethics Policy05/25/04
104Roger Hanks Production Permit #2110/21/04
106Order of Election (2005)02/24/05
107District Rules Amendment – Rules 4 and 1103/09/05
108Changes to Personnel on Banking Acct.-SC, DW03/14/05
109Changes to Personnel on Banking Acct.-new BM05/12/05
110District Rules Amendment – Rules 4 and 1105/12/05
111Election Cancellation03/24/05
112Records Management Policy06/01/05
113River Oaks Operating Permit #2308/31/05
114District Rules Amendment – Rules 1-6 and 10-1209/01/05
115Bank Personnel Change01/23/06
116Approved Signatures for Disembursements01/23/06
117Nunc Pro Tunc02/16/06
118ORDER DSISD at Belterra
119Order of Election (2006)01/11/06
120Amended Order of Election (2006)02/24/06
121Order of Election Cancellation (2006)03/30/06
122ORDER(AGREED) Dunn geothermal wells03/27/06
123Records Management Policy – amendment03/30/06
124ORDER(AGREED) Krudop geothermal wells05/22/06
126Bank Personnel Change09/05/06
127Changes to Approved Signatures for Disembursements09/05/06
1282006 Budget Approved11/30/06
1292007 Budget Approved12/14/06
133DRAFT_ ORDER_ Cedar Oak Mesa Operating Permit02/22/07
140Rules Amendment08/27/07
141Rule 9 Amendment09/17/09
142Order of Election (2010)03/10/10
1432011 Budget Approved11/30/10
144Order of Election (2011)01/13/11
145Mountain Crest / Aqua Texas Notice of Violation01/18/11
146Wimberley Springs Partners Limited Permit02/21/11
147Continuance of March 28, 2011 Case Hearing03/31/11
148Determination on Protests and Request for Contested Hearing04/12/11
149Alarm Stage Drought Declaration05/09/11
150Critical Stage Drought Declaration07/21/11
151New GeoExchange Rule 3.708/18/11
152New Redistricting Map Adoption11/17/11
153District Record Management Policy02/08/12
154Affirmation 2012 Budget02/08/12
155Drought Stage return to Alarm03/07/12
156Drought Stage return to Voluntary Conservation04/11/12
157Drought Stage return to Alarm09/01/12
158Order of Election (2012)09/01/12
159District Rules Updated Edition Approved04/03/13
160House Bill 3903 Support04/17/13
161Drought Stage return to Critical05/16/13
162Approved New District Rules07/31/13
163Order of Election (2013)08/21/13
164Cancellation of Election – District 2(2013)09/03/13
165Affirmation 2014 Budget11/18/13
166Accept and Approve New Policies and Bylaws11/18/13
167Drought Stage return to Alarm12/11/13
168Drought Stage return to Critical04/15/14
169Order of Election (2014)08/11/14
170Cancellation of Election – Districts 1 & 3 (2014)09/17/14
172Order to Approve 2014 Notice of Alleged Violations10/15/14
173Order to Approve 2015 Budget10/15/14
174Order to Approve New Rules12/17/14
175Drought Stage return to Alarm03/18/15
176Drought Stage return to No Drought06/17/15
177Order to Approve 2016 Budget10/22/15
178Order to Approve New Rules11/18/15
179Order to Accept and Approve New Bylaws06/15/16
180Order of 2016 Election08/17/16
181Order of 2017 Budget Approval09/21/16
182Order of District Rules Amendment09/21/16
183Order of Cancellation of 2016 Election09/21/16
184Order to Commence Water Connections Audit02/15/17
185Order to Approve Signatures for Disbursements06/21/17
186Order of 2018 Budget Approval10/18/17
187Order to Accept and Approve New District Rules12/20/17
188Drought Stage return to Alarm07/26/18
189Order of Election 201808/15/18
190Drought Stage return to Critical09/19/18
191Order for the Cancellation of 2018 Election09/19/18
192Drought Stage return to Alarm11/14/18
193Order of 2019 Budget Approval10/17/18
194Drought Stage return to No Drought12/19/18
195Order of 2020 Budget Approval12/30/19
196Order Amend Rule 2 and Approve Regional Recharge Study Zone12/30/19
197Order Approve Rule 1504/02/20
198Order JWGMZ Enter 20% Curtailment Stage05/07/20
199Order JWGMZ Enter 0% Curtailment Stage06/04/20
201Order JWGMZ Enter 20% Curtailment Stage08/07/20
203Order of 2020 Election08/13/20
205Order JWGMZ Enter 30% Curtailment Stage09/03/20
206Order Return to Alarm Stage09/03/20
207Order JWGMZ Enter 20% Curtailment Stage10/01/20
208Order for Rule 1.711/05/20
209Order JWGMZ Enter 30% Curtailment Stage11/05/20
210Order JWGMZ Enter 20% Curtailment Stage06/03/21
211Order Return to No Drought Stage08/05/21
212Order JWGMZ Voluntary Conservation – No Drought Status11/04/21
213Order to Waive Well Construction Fees for Monitor Wells11/04/21
214Order JWGMZ Enter 20% Curtailment Stage2/07/2022
215Order JWGMZ Enter 30% Curtailment Stage4/07/2022
216Order Return to Alarm Stage5/02/2022