Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Declares NO DROUGHT Stage Status

Hays Trinity Drought Stage: No Drought. Voluntary Conservation
Submitted to the Wimberley View on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Residents of western Hays County, please be advised that the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) Board of Directors took action on December 19th concerning Board Order 194, Return to No Drought Stage status. Local drought trigger conditions met the criteria of 60 consecutive days of flow above drought stage Alarm. HTGCD’s drought triggers, the Pedernales and Blanco Rivers, are monitored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) who collect and distribute data using satellite technology. The drought trigger data, shown below in the chart, can be reviewed daily on HTGCD’s website www.haysgroundwater.com under Drought Management.

Drought Triggers

HTGCD manages non-exempt permit holders within its boundaries including Commercial, Business, Irrigation (non-residential) and Public Water Supply groundwater use. All permit holders are mandated by HTGCD Rule to conserve water usage via a set criteria and on a percentage basis during times of declared drought and more importantly on the severity of the drought. HTGCD encourages all residents (exempt users) and permit holders to continue to use caution even during this new No Drought Stage status as leaks can occur after freezing temperature conditions. All non-exempt permit holders have been notified of the new drought stage status, but please contact your local water supplier with questions concerning any water restrictions and cutbacks they might have for your neighborhood.

To help, HTGCD asks that all residents of western Hays County continue to rally around our local Trinity Aquifer by reducing personal water usage. If you are currently using groundwater for a non-exempt use, you are required by Legislation to obtain an operating permit with HTGCD. Operating permit applications can be completed and submitted on-line on the HTGCD’s website under Forms.

Additionally, a presentation was made during the HTGCD Board meeting by the Meadows Center concerning the recently approved One-Water project. This project will make the newly planned and approved Winters Mill Parkway primary school in Wimberley a history making achievement being the first school in Texas to incorporate water saving techniques such as rainwater harvesting and AC condensation collection. If you have any questions or desire more information concerning this One-Water project please contact the Meadows Center-Texas State University 512-245-6697.

Rick Broun – HTGCD General Manager

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