Hays Trinity CGD Tally

Submitted to the Wimberley View, December 19, 2016

Another year is about to begin, but before we say goodbye to 2016 here is a quick look at some interesting water related points. We all know that western Hays County has had its fair share of drought in the past, so Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (HTGCD) is pleased to report that rain data collected by the NCDC during 2016 totaled nearly 45 inches in the Dripping Springs area and nearly 43 inches in the Wimberley area compared with a 32 inch average rainfall! In fact, HTGCD has declared no drought conditions since July 1, 2015. HTGCD continues to measure and record groundwater level data throughout our District and is currently compiling from 50 monitoring wells. This data collection is available for review on our website www.haysgroundwater.com. You may live close to one of these monitor wells and can use this data to estimate water levels in your own well. This year, HTGCD has received 309 public water utility connections along with 93 new groundwater well registrations. Over the past 15 years, the HTGCD has registered 2,789 new and existing groundwater wells. Knowing how many “holes in the ground” there are in western Hays County provides insight into how much groundwater is being used each year. If you have an existing groundwater well that you would like to register with HTGCD, please contact the District office so that we can add your information to our growing data base. None of us can make it rain but working together we can do a better job stewarding our water resources. If you would like to know more about the local Trinity Aquifer, our website has links to technical publications and contains two educational videos that we created specifically for public use. Thank you all for your conservation efforts and remember that the water you save today may be your water needed tomorrow. Happy Holidays from the HTGCD Board of Directors and HTGCD Staff Members, may your new year be even better.

Rick Broun – HTGCD District Manager

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