Drought Conditions Come Early

Hays Trinity Drought Stage: Alarm 20% Curtailment
April 26, 2013

Residents of western Hays County: Though our area has felt some rain in the first quarter, drought conditions have remained constant for Central Texas. We all must prepare for another long, hot Texas summer and perhaps for more serious drought conditions.

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District (District) continues to monitor, measure and chart water levels in (40) plus wells within western Hays County. These measurements from the monitored wells can be seen as hydrographs on the District’s website www.haysgroundwater.com under the heading Water Level Monitoring. The public is encouraged to visit our website and see how water levels in your area may be affected by long term drought and short term weather conditions; no rain equals no recharge for the aquifer.

The District is currently within drought stage, Alarm. This stage is a mandatory production reduction for non-exempt permit holders with the District. Please be aware that the next drought stage, Critical, is almost upon our area. Critical drought conditions will result in further stringent production reduction for non-exempt permit holders. We do ask the public (domestic wells are exempt from District regulations) for your help and voluntary reduction of groundwater usage during all drought periods.

Now is the time, during spring planting and landscaping, to establish drought tolerant plants, trees and native grasses. The normal local increase in water use during the summer months has the greatest impact on critical water levels and the health of the aquifer during a serious drought. The water you save today may be the water you need tomorrow.

Rick Broun
HTGCD, General Manager

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