District 4 Candidate Bios 2013

Candidates for District 4 are Erin Banks and Linda Kaye Rogers.

Erin Banks, PE

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Groundwater/Hydrogeology
  • Licensed Professional Engineer- Texas, California, and Nevada

Ms. Banks has lived in the Wimberley Valley for the past 14 years. She has been blessed with four children, whom she homeschools. Ms. Banks and her husband are small business owners. Ms. Banks has a consulting engineering business, operating in Hays County since 1998. She has over 20 years experience in civil and environmental engineering and hydrogeology. Ms. Banks was the engineer on one of the only residential subdivisions in Hays County that is restricted to rainwater harvesting as the sole source of domestic water consumption. Several other projects that she has been involved in require rainwater harvesting in the deed restrictions. Ms. Banks has been involved with several projects that involve reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and other beneficial uses.

Ms. Banks is a strong advocate for property owner’s rights, maintaining local control of the GCD in Hays County, not levying any new taxes on landowners, and acting as a responsible steward of the aquifer. Ms. Banks has been performing groundwater studies for the past 20 years including water availability studies, groundwater/surface water interaction modeling (how development impacts groundwater levels and stream flows), aquifer modeling, groundwater contamination remediation and treatment, and contaminant plume analyses.
Candidate Campaign Finance Report (08/26/2013 – 09/26/2013)
Candidate Campaign Finance Report (09/27/2013 – 10/28/2013)

Linda Kaye Rogers

Linda Kaye Rogers is a thirteen year resident of Wimberley who lives totally on rainwater collection. She is a semi-retired psychotherapist who now provides services primarily to family courts and veterans. She is active in the Wimberley Valley community and has previous experience as a board director. She enjoys gardening, animal care, cooking and genealogy.

Linda Kaye has been an active citizen with the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District for the past three years by attending meetings and addressing groundwater issues that have come before the board. Last year she served on the District’s rules revision committee. She has taken the opportunity to become educated about the Trinity aquifer and is in a position to immediately become a contributing member of the board. Linda Kaye expresses the intent to work to meet the mission of the District to “preserve, conserve, recharge and prevent waste of the aquifer”. She believes that in supporting this mission, the people in western Hays County who are dependent on the aquifer can maintain their water and property rights, their property values, and the special lifestyle that comes with living in the Hill Country.

rogers4water.com        rogers4water@gmail.com        512-560-4759
Candidate Campaign Finance Report (08/06/2013 – 09/26/2013)
Candidate Campaign Finance Report (09/27/2013 – 10/26/2013)