District 3 Candidate Bios 2012

Candidates for District 3 are Mark Hastings and Mark Key.

Mark Hastings


Like many Hays County residents, Mark Hastings is deeply concerned with the impacts of drought, the increase in well pumping, the growing number of dry wells in northwestern Hays County, and an aquifer that is dropping faster than it can recharge. Mark is also aware and concerned about the reduced flow in our streams, creeks and rivers that could have a negative affect on property values, local businesses, and our way of life in Hays County.

Mark believes in preserving and assuring current and future access to water for all residents and businesses in Hays County. He believes that respect for private property rights and protection of our shared natural resources can go hand in hand. He also thinks the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District could do a better job in protecting and conserving the water resources of the region. With encouragement from many Hays County friends and neighbors, Mark seeks a position on this important governing body to support the District’s stated mission ”to conserve, preserve, recharge and prevent waste of groundwater” within western Hays County.

Mark Hastings in a lifelong resident of the area — his family has lived in their current home off Nutty Brown Road for more than 12 years. He owns and runs Hastings Communication Services, a 64-year-old company that offers telephone answering and call center services. He is an Eagle Scout. He attended the University of Texas at Austin where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and was a member of the Longhorn Band. Mark has served as president in several business and civic organizations, including the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI), Telemessaging Services Association of Texas, Startel National Users Group, Austin Downtown Founder Lions Club, and the Longhorn Alumni Band. He recently received the prestigious 2011 ATSI Hall of Fame and the Lions Club International Melvin Jones Fellowship.

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Mark Key


Lifelong Hays County resident graduated from Dripping Springs high 1990.

Married 10 years, three children

Letterman Hardin Simmons University football

United States Navy veteran

Former Golden Gloves boxer and coach

I9 flag football coach

Self-employed contractor 12 years

I would like the district to move toward a conservation and education mindset and away from the command and control over people’s lives it has sought for the last several years. Far too much money has been spent on activities that do nothing to help the aquifer.

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