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Water Level Monitoring

HTGCD collects water level and precipitation data for each of the individual wells identified on the map below. Water level data is compiled from the measurements made by district field technicians while precipation data is gathered from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The points on the map below link to the full monitoring records, dating as far back as 1999 in some cases.

To view well monitoring records, click on a well on the map below.

Link to Dripping Springs NCDC data Link to Wimberley NCDC data Johnson Roman Raymis White Whirlaway Jack Brown Henly Church WhitHanks Grolnic Schmidt Slopes of Nutty Brown Hills of Texas Estates Summer Mountain Ranch Camp Ben McCulloch ONeil Ranch Road Lost Springs Ranch Mount Baldy Downing Broun Camp Young Judaea Graham Storm Ranch Windmill Tull Roger Hanks Park Cabler Windmill Byrum Dry Cypress Cox Godfey Hermosa Paloma Juneau McMeans Gumbert Windmill Storm Ranch Toenail Rolfes Still well #6 Still well #5 Still well #4 Still well #1 Woodcreek Blue Hole Roberts Thomas Whisenant & Lyle Fitzhugh Corners Hegemier Woodcreek 23 Section 25 HCP 3 WC Maint 2 Sabino Ranch Box Canyon Glenn WC Arapahoe Mandola Winery DSWSC #1 Bachardy Amos Dreyer LSR Telemetry Stars Hollow Hog Hollow

The following real time water level graphs also provide information and are not linked to the map.

-TWDB Real Time data Lost Springs Ranch.

-TWDB Real Time data Mt. Baldy

-TWDB Real Time data Whit Hanks.

-TWDB Real Time data Whisenant & Lyle.

-TWDB Real Time data DSWSC #1.

-TWDB Real Time data Downing.

–TWDB Real Time Data Dreyer.

-TWDB - Water data for Texas.

All Monitoring Wells Combined On Single Page showing Historic High/Low and Current