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Management Zones / Draft Rules


Timely Submitted Comments:

Barrett & Associates
Black Market Investments (Chaiken & Chaiken)
Black Market Investments (McCarthy & McCarthy)
Davis & Associates
Davis & Associates (01/02/2020)
Dripping Springs Water Supply
Dripping Springs Water Supply (01/02/2020)
Dripping Springs Water Supply (01/31/2020)
Dripping Springs Water Supply (02/04/2020)
Ron Fieseler
Bill Foulds
Hill Country Alliance
Lauren Concrete
Mark Key
McCarthy & McCarthy, L.L.P
McCarthy & McCarthy, L.L.P (02/05/2020)
Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA)
Wimberley Springs Partners
Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA)
Wimberley Water Supply Corporation
Wimberley Water Supply Corporation (11/26/2019)

Rule 2: Definitions

HTGCD Rule: Rule 2

Rule Passed on October 30, 2019

Effective Date January 1, 2020


Proposed Rule 10: Enforcement

HTGCD Proposed Rule (Draft Updated on 11/13/2019): Rule 10

Tabled until further review


Proposed Rule 13: Drought Management

HTGCD Proposed Rule: Rule 13

Tabled until further review


Technical Memo and Document for the Development of Rule 13

District Drought Trigger Methodology: Technical Evaluation and Recommendations, June 2019 Technical Memorandum

Permitted vs Actual Production, Febuary 2019 Chart


Proposed Rule 15: Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone (JWGMZ)

HTGCD Proposed Rule (Draft Updated on 01/13/2019): Rule 15

Deadline Date to Submit Comments: Feburary 5, 2020

Hearing notice: TBD


Rule 16: Regional Recharge Study Zone

HTGCD Rule: Rule 16

Rule passed on Novemeber 8, 2019

Effective date January 1, 2020


Stakeholder and Technical Committee’s Contribution for the Development of Rule 15 and Rule 16

Evaluation for the Development of a Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone in Hays County, Texas, July 2019 Technical Report
JWGMZ Technical Presentation, July 2019 Presentation
Facilitator’s Report: Jacob’s Well Spring Flow Stakeholder Task Force — Final Recommendations, July 2019 Memorandum


Management Zones Map for Proposed Rules 15 and 16

The District is in the process of proposing new rules creating a “Jacob’s Well Groundwater Management Zone” and a “Regional Recharge Study Zone.”

An interactive map is provided below for well owners to determine if their well is in either one of the proposed zones. To see if your well falls into either of the zones, type in the GPS coordinates of your well in the search bar in the upper right corner of the map. If you have any questions or need any help regarding the map, please contact the HTGCD office.