• HTGCD has declared drought conditions have improved within western Hays County. HTGCD has declared Drought Stage 2… ,
Important New HTGCD Meeting Date!
now scheduled on 3rd Wednesday
but check the calendar.

Drought Stage History

Drought Stage
December 2018

DateDrought Stage
January 2020No Drought
December 2019No Drought
November 2019No Drought
October 2019No Drought
September 2019No Drought
August 2019No Drought
July 2019No Drought
June 2019No Drought
May 2019No Drought
April 2019No Drought
March 2019No Drought
February 2019No Drought
January 2019No Drought
December 2018No Drought
November 2018Alarm
October 2018Critical
September 2018Critical
August 2018Alarm
July 2018Alarm
June 2018No Drought
May 2018No Drought
April 2018No Drought
March 2018No Drought
February 2018No Drought
January 2018No Drought
December 2017No Drought
November 2017No Drought
October 2017No Drought
September 2017No Drought
August 2017No Drought
July 2017No Drought
June 2017No Drought
May 2017No Drought
April 2017No Drought
March 2017No Drought
February 2017No Drought
January 2017No Drought
December 2016No Drought
November 2016No Drought
October 2016No Drought
September 2016No Drought
August 2016No Drought
July 2016No Drought
June 2016No Drought
May 2016No Drought
April 2016No Drought
March 2016No Drought
February 2016No Drought
January 2016No Drought
December 2015No Drought
November 2015No Drought
October 2015No Drought
September 2015No Drought
August 2015No Drought
July 2015No Drought
June 2015Alarm
May 2015Alarm
April 2015Alarm
March 2015Alarm
February 2015Critical
January 2015Critical
December 2014Critical
November 2014Critical
October 2014Critical
September 2014Critical
August 2014Critical
July 2014Critical
June 2014Critical
May 2014Critical
April 2014Critical
March 2014Critical
February 2014Alarm
January 2014Alarm
December 2013Alarm
November 2013Critical
October 2013Critical
September 2013Critical
August 2013Critical
July 2013Critical
June 2013Critical
May 2013Critical
April 2013Alarm
March 2013Alarm
February 2013Alarm
January 2013Alarm
December 2012Alarm
November 2012Alarm
October 2012Alarm
September 2012Alarm
August 2012No Drought
July 2012No Drought
June 2012No Drought
May 2012No Drought
April 2012No Drought
March 2012Alarm
February 2012Alarm
January 2012Critical
December 2011Critical
November 2011Critical
October 2011Critical
September 2011Critical
August 2011Critical
July 2011Critical
June 2011Alarm
May 2011Alarm
April 2011No Drought
March 2011No Drought
February 2011No Drought
January 2011No Drought
December 2010No Drought
November 2010No Drought
October 2010No Drought
September 2010No Drought
August 2010No Drought
July 2010No Drought
June 2010No Drought
May 2010No Drought
April 2010No Drought
March 2010No Drought
February 2010No Drought
January 2010No Drought
December 2009No Drought
November 2009Critical