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Drought Management

Drought Stage
December 2018
Drought Stage History
Discharge Rate Measurement Locations
Discharge Flow Rate 30 Day Mean 60 Day Mean Alarm Trigger Critical Trigger Emergency Trigger
Region K
Pedernales Rv nr Johnson City, TX (08153500) as of 2020-01-11 21.51 21.22  31.6  10.2 2.23
Days with flow Above Stage Trigger 0   60+ 60+
Days with flow Below Stage Trigger 30+ 0   0  
Onion Ck nr Driftwood, TX (08158700) as of 2020-01-11 0.78 1.34
Region L
Blanco Rv at Wimberley, TX (08171000) as of 2020-01-11 28.54 29.53  28.5  14.5 9.28
Days with flow Above Stage Trigger 2 60+ 60+
Jacobs Well Spg nr Wimberley, TX (08170990) as of 2020-01-11 3.13 2.63
River and spring discharge rate information provided by USGS is shown in the table above, along with HTGCD drought stage trigger levels for the primary rivers in the district. The 30 and 60 Day Mean figures have been computed based on the historical USGS daily mean data. Discharge flow rate is shown in cubic feet per second (cfs). To view USGS graphs or detail information, click on the USGS logo on the left or the map points.

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District consists of 2 Regions that rely on different measures for determining drought status.

The northern region, Region K, drought status is determined by the Pedernales River discharge rate and the Henly Church well water level.

The southern region, Region L, drought status is determined by the Blanco River discharge rate, Jacob's well discharge rate and the Mt. Baldy well water level.

Graphs provided by USGS are shown for the primary and secondary rivers and springs in the district.

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