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Important New HTGCD Meeting Date!
now scheduled on 1st Thursday
but check the calendar.

Agendas / Minutes File List

The following list of Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes are available for download.
Click on the Link to open a directory list or File Name to open the file.

HTGCD Meeting Minutes 2019

File NameFile Size
20191230_FINAL_Meeting Minutes_signed.pdf454.6 KB
20191217_FINAL_Meeting Minutes_signed.pdf1.2 MB
20191202_FINAL_Meeting Minutes_signed.pdf760.1 KB
20191118_FINAL_Meeting Minutes_signed.pdf1.6 MB
20191108_MeetingMinutes_FINAL_signedMeeting.pdf686.2 KB
20191030_MeetingMinutes_FINAL_signed.pdf1.0 MB
20191026_WorkshopMinutes_FINAL_signed.pdf392.9 KB
20191003_MeetingMinutes_FINAL_signed.pdf821.6 KB
20190925_MeetingMinutes_FINAL_signed.pdf1.6 MB
20190827_Meeting Minutes_FINAL_signed.pdf2.6 MB
20190717_FINAL_Minutes.pdf950.3 KB
20190619_FINAL_Minutes.pdf1.1 MB
20190523_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf322.2 KB
20190515_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf1.2 MB
20190429_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf1.3 MB
20190327_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf1.6 MB
20190312_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf869.5 KB
20190220_FINAL_ Minutes.pdf1.3 MB
20190117_FINAL_Minutes.pdf239.3 KB
20190109_FINAL_Minutes.pdf616.5 KB